Re: md5sum bug with Freebsd?

From: Bjarni R. Einarsson (
Date: Fim 30 Nóv 2000 - 01:19:14 UTC

On 2000-11-29, 20:17:49 (-0500), Flattie McGee wrote:
> Umm.. why would the following be happening, I'm using anomy sanitizer
> v1.31. I havn't a clue if this is correct, or not.. any help would be

Apparently the program "md5sum" isn't installed on your machine, or
isn't in your PATH at any rate. The sanitizer doesn't normally use the
program, only the test cases require it (and only the 1.31 testcases,
I've since switched to just using plain diff and 1.32 won't use md5sum
at all).

Don't worry about it... install md5sum if you really want to run the
tests, or just get on with the installation as if nothing had happened.


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